Apart from the fact that dead trees can be unattractive, it can also be a major risk to not just the people but also the natural environment that surrounds us as well. Let’s try to know the reasons why ignoring a dead tree can be hazardous. Let’s find out more of these below: 

Insects and disease can spread to other trees 

There are several reasons why a tree becomes dead. However, when your suspected tree is dead due to tree disease, then it can potentially result in extreme harm to the trees near the diseased tree because insect infestation and disease can spread to the closer trees that surround it easily. Plus, they give their power to others, which often leads the other trees to experience the same fate as the infected tree. 

Attracts pests and insects 

Aside from spreading diseases from one tree to another, dead trees usually entice plenty of unsolicited pests and insects. For instance, rats and termites are usually found congregating to a dead tree. And when your tree is near to your home, they will eventually turn your home as if it’s their own as well. 

Potentially fall on hazards 

If your trees have dead branches, chances are they could fall on dangerous areas and even the entire tree can potentially fall over as well. This usually happens especially when the tree is very weak that it entirely topples over what’s underneath it. Trees that are particularly near to things such as pedestrian areas, houses, power lines, or cars can cause severe damage and could require you to pay for a costly repair. So, before this happens, it would be recommended that you should deal with your trees before this occurs. 

Falling dead branches 

A dead tree means dead branches. And dead branches could indicate that it has frail branches that could fall at any time of the day. Branches can differ in size and once a massive branch unexpectedly snaps off and falls, it can result in any pedestrian beneath it being extremely affected and harmed. If you can observe any potential branches that are about to fall, it would be recommended for you to get tree trimming Stockton CA as soon as possible and have such weak branches professionally cut off or have the tree completely removed.  


Close to dangerous conditions 

When a dead tree is close to any type of dangerous condition 

When your tree is damaged at least 50%, then it must be removed 

If this is the case with your tree, perhaps you can’t do anything more to have it revived and to keep it from affecting other trees. So, it’s best to remove it right away.  

When it’s in an isolated space, the tree can be left alone 

The dead trees found in isolated areas can be the source of shelter for different species of woodpeckers, birds, and other wildlife to nest.