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Custom made electric solidbody guitars.

I will make one of these at your request.

About the guitar and how I got started...

I wanted an electric guitar, solid wood and heavy, but I didn't like the models available, especially the two most popular. I sat down on my computer and drew the drawing you see in the background. For the body I combined the basic guitar shape with violin cutouts and through the body, thick f-holes, for vintage styling. I never liked the plastic covers of pickgaurds used to hide the electronics, even nice wood plates took away the beauty of the front and back. I decided to hide the electronics through a thick maple cap located on the lower side of the guitar. The pickguard is made of veneer to match the faceplate of the headstock. An oversized paddle style headstock perfectly balances the guitar. (This happened by accident, I like the larger sized headstocks.) I use premium burl veneer for the face plate and inlay contrasting hardwood for my logo. The headstock is bound with matching neck wood and a contrasting wood for visual effect. I use threaded brass inserts with black stainless machine cap screws throughout the guitar so there's no fear of redrilling the holes if the guitar needs maintenance. The neck can be removed any time when there is limited carrying space, without destroying the wood.

My inspiration for making a guitar comes from a luthier I met while passing through Roswell, NM.

Call to discuss how you can own one of these fine instruments.

Prices from $1500 - $3000 (guitar shown)

Custom made to your specifications regarding hardware, electronics, woods and finish.


D - Scott Guitars

Santa Barbara, California 93101

 The head stock is bound with matching neckwood strips, and strips from contrasting wood. This one is done with walnut. Carpathian elm burl covers the face and gives it a leather look. The D S logo is inlaid ebony. The nut here is abalone shell. Gold tuners add richness.



Two full views; the pickguard is made to match the faceplate of the headstock. Pinot noir is the color I chose for this one.


Neck joint and abalone side dots





The prototype and my favorite axe.


Hidden electronics are accessesible through this cap.


Beautiful tiger maple neck with dual action truss rod.

Contoured for comfort. The back is carved in slightly and the top slants for ease on the forearm.


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The guitar pictured on this web site is made from the piece of curly maple to the right. I placed the strat body in front for an idea of the size of the wood. Both the neck and body are cut from this.


 Daniel Scott Petersen


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